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Been Stung Lately or Concerned About Underage Minors, Buying From Your Store?

How does that relate to my check service?--Convenience!

 With law enforcement stepping up the patrol of underage purchases, Owners are being forced to change the way they due
business.  Calendars, signs and increased training of ID checks are being enforced but not always followed or obeyed by the
part time associate there to get a paycheck.   Training to get an address and working phone number on checks presented
for payment most times is the furthest thing from a clerks mind as the line behind the current customer grows or the time clock
gets closer to punch out time.

Bounced checks and purchases by underage minors are two things that can stop a business cold in their tracks if not managed properly.  Serv-A-Check offers an exclusive answer to this business challenge with the Omni 3200 Point of Sale terminal.  Not interested in another gadget by your cash register?  The Omni 3200 POS terminal can not only process your credit cards, swipe a drivers license for correct age (Age Verification) and guarantee your checks, all in one system!

 How does it all work together?

 Most business currently have terminals to process debit and credit cards next to each register within their store. What they don’t have is a solution to combine credit processing, check verification against a negative database and age verification with the ability to verify a person’s age for purchase all in one.

 What is Age Verification?  

Most states include a bar code or magnetic (Mag) stripe on the back of issued drivers licenses.  This stripe or bar code includes information about the licensee, such as: address, date of birth, state licensed etc. By swiping the license through the terminal in the same manner as a credit purchase, the terminal screen will show State, Age and Date of Birth.  Allowing a clerk or associate to immediately identify if this is indeed a minor.  Terminal screen will show on license holders 16 or 7 years old: No Alcohol, No Tobacco. On license holders 18, 19, or 20: No Alcohol.

 Another added feature is being able to catch fake, altered or another person’s ID as the information will not match should they use a check or credit card form of payment. Should question still arises to the validly of the patron, the Omni 3200 POS terminal is also set-up with a ‘Signature line.”  This is for the purpose of acquiring and comparing the signature on the scanned license.  The Signed copy may also be kept as evidence should illegal activity be reported.

 This reader also safeguards your business in many ways.  First off, it can be a tool to require from all clerks and associates to scan drivers license since they are required to present it anyways for purchase forcing them to follow the rules.   Another added benefit is removing the decision from the clerk and placing it on the machine.  Some underage minors may become upset at the denial of purchase and become angry towards the clerk or associate.  “Nothing I can do” approach can then be used with an offer to get a manager should the patron press for purchase alerting the store to a potential problem.

 What is Check Verification:

When a customer or patron presents a check as form of payment, the check can also be swiped through the terminal and compared with a negative database offered through National Check Network (NCN) to secure funds.  Used with Serv-A-Check’s guarantee service, funds are then guaranteed at the point of sale as long as an address and phone number are present on the check.  The terminal is designed to provide positive feedback for the customer or patron to see, but indicates to you if name is found within the database.  It is your choice to continue to take the check, it’s guaranteed through Serv-A-Check or as a business owner, you can decide not to accept it and ask for another form of payment.  It’s your choice, but an uncertainty you don’t have to deal with.

 Convenient: All in one!

With the ability to positively identify a person’s age and the guarantee of funds for your business, Serv-A-Check has stepped up to the business challenge and offers a solution unmatched by the competitors.  Many companies offer rebates, special one time offers and the kitchen sink if needed, Serv-A-Check offers results you can bank on, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no hassles, just a peace of mind your business and funds are secured!

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