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How Check Funds
Are Guaranteed

Merchants are free to develop their own individual Check Acceptance Policies.  However, the requirements for our Funds Guarantee are:

-          Preprinted name and full address

-          Phone number

-          Some form of picture ID verified and noted on check

-    Check is approved using M.E.G.S

Generally this information is already preprinted on the majority of checks presented for payment.  The high percentage of checks with qualifying information already preprinted makes our funds guarantee easy to obtain.

If a guaranteed check is returned, we will commence our collection efforts.  If after 30 days we are unable to collect on this check we will forward you the full face value of the check regardless if we ever collect it.  You won't have to worry about any bad check loss again!

If any of these items are missing or the check is over your guarantee limit we are unable to guarantee that check; however, we will still attempt to collect the check for you.  When our expert collectors collect on that check we will forward you the full face value in your bi-weekly settlement.

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