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Helpful Tips


 How to Spot a potential “Problem Check” and What to Do if You are Suspicious

 An ounce of Prevention used by the trained eye of a Till Operator can save your business and the customer additional costs by following these Tips:

Checks that have a higher probability of being returned:

  1. Checks that have a check number under 300.

     A number shown to the right of the printed name on the check is the Date the account was opened.

     People generally don't open accounts with large balances, and may not know how to use their register.

  1. Checks that do not have the phone number printed on them.

     When asking for a phone number ask if it is a “Working telephone number.”  Inquire about a cell number.

     If they don’t have a working home phone, ask for a job phone or cell number. 

     A phone number is required in order for us to guarantee a check 

  1. If printed address on the check has been changed by hand or if the inquiry of this being “Current Address” creates agitation or requires them to write the address on the check.
  2. A form of identification is shown that does not contain a photo of that person, i.e. - Credit Card, Social Security Card, etc.  Acceptable ID is a photo match to the check writer.  This photo ID process will prevent most forgeries from occurring. Also, we are unable to guarantee checks without photo ID.
  3. The address on the photo ID differs from the address on the check.
  4. Checks drawn on Out-of-State Banks.
  5. Loose checks not being recorded in a checkbook register.
  6. Checks made out before the point of sale.
  7. Check for more than the amount of purchase without asking
  8. Be wary of starter checks with the name, address and phone written on the check.  These are harder to keep track of and an opening balance is usually not substantial.
  9. Two Party checks or Payroll Checks that are written on personal type check blanks.

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