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Why Use


Are you disappointed…

*In paying a fee for every check you take?

* In promised recovery with low actual results?

* Poor access to customer service when you need it the most?

* Hassle of changing check services every year or so? 

 * Not seeing the value of new and improved collection efforts?

 Serv-A-Check was founded in 1980 and has over two decades of results and value behind them.  Other services  promise the world but rarely deliver; at Serv-A-Check, we would rather promise above-average results you can track, measure and count on.

Serv-A-Check Services

Keeping your money working for you so you don’t have to work to find your money.


* Return checks go directly to our Centralized Processing Center

* Office located  in Vermillion, South Dakota for local service

*Conversion of only the bad checks, saving you money

* Partnered with agencies across the United States for local collections

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