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Check Acceptance


To guarantee funds, Serv-A-Check’s policy for required information on checks is quite simple!   The Check writer’s full name, complete address and phone number must be already printed on the check or written at the point of sale.  The check also needs to have an indication that proper picture ID was verified; this is usually accomplished by writing the driver license number on the check.  These basic and commonly used practices are necessary prior to the M.E.G.S processing or deposit.

 It is important to remember that the Serv-A-Check M.E.G.S. System or Guarantee Service and its requirements are merely a guideline to follow in guaranteeing funds.   Serv-A-Check does not make the decision on the acceptance of an individual check.  The acceptance of checks is entirely within the merchant rights.  The merchant is not required to accept every person’s check and has the legal right to deny the acceptance of any, or all checks, as the merchant
deems appropriate.

 It is required for the merchant to post a sign describing the conditions being set on the acceptance of checks at their business.  Serv-A-Check will also provide signs to advise check writers of a service charge that will be applied if their check is returned unpaid for each terminal, lane or checkout within a merchants business.  Small door stickers are also available to advise customers the business gladly “Accepts Checks.”   All of the signage is attractively presented with a positive message and provided as part of the basic service.

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