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Centralized Processing & Administration


Tired of pressing 1 for accounting, 2 for customer service, 0 for an operator that is never available and so on and then find out you have just been transferred within 3 states! 

 Serv-A-Check has pioneered a system called, “Centralized Processing and Administration” specifically designed for retail, convenience and small business stores operating multiple locations within a given state or expanded across multiple state boundaries.  A friendly voice guaranteed every time you call.

 This system allows a centralized contact number for all information, saving time and trouble contacting multiple locations for your information needs.  This one agency concept coordinates all checks to one central location for tracking, accounting and processing. All check inquiries, requests, communications and client payments are accessible through this centralized concept and convenient through a personally answered 800 number. 

 Serv-A-Check is licensed, bonded and staffed with full service Return Check Recovery Specialists.  Collections are handled in house, allowing us to quickly remit the collected funds to you the merchant via bi-weekly settlements.  Saving you the hassle of wondering where to follow up if necessary and who has your money!

 The Centralized office can also help you with your accounting and reporting by tracking insufficient checks by store, area, or region all from one source.  This advantage can lower administration costs, improves overall collection recovery because our Return Check Recovery Specialists are in the check writer's backyard and provides a peace of mind in not dealing with several different agencies.

This concept offers the best of three different worlds: Database for prevention in conjunction with the M.E.G.S. System, local area check collection for high recovery results and one point of contact for ease of administration.  A happy merchant with multiple locations once described this as, “One Stop Shopping” to solve
their bad check problems.

 Serv-A-Check will listen to your needs and develop a plan to put these benefits to work for your business, whether you have one, ten or a hundred plus stores.  This approach has been widely requested!

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