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Multi Electronic
Guarantee Service

Multi Electronic Guarantee Service

M. E. G. S.

 Offered Exclusively by Serv-A-Check

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 Despite the claims and predictions that cash and checks will be replaced by plastic, checks presented for payment still remain a preferred form of payment.  As the amount of checks written increases year over year, so does the amount of accounts with insufficient funds.

 The business challenge is knowing who’s checks will clear and who’s won’t even make it to the bank.

 Serv-A-Check Understands Your Delima,
Leave the Uncertainty to Us!

How it Works:

Customer payments, by check, are processed in seconds through the M.E.G.S. System Terminal Program at the Point of Sales.   Each transaction is electronically designated for approval in the terminals display window.  The funds for these payments immediately become secured even if the check is returned by the bank.  If payment is returned, the guarantee provides prompt reimbursement of funds to your business.

 The M.E.G.S. system is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our wide area network (WAN), provides local customer service for the ultimate in communication support.

 Transactions Guaranteed through the M.E.G.S. System are remitted to your business from committed funds, to provide fast turn around of your working capital every two weeks.

 There are no hidden fees or ticket charges - Just one flat semi-annual premium to cover the cost of securing funds for all your check transactions.

 The M.E.G.S. System is the ultimate Point of Sale Security for non-cash purchases from the Midwestern Industry Leader for over two decades - Serv-A-Check.

 Benefits to You:

Guarantees funds in seconds before you accept payment

Assures that, in a growing market of new customers and employees turn-over, your loss is reduced

Security of knowing your cashiers are accepting safe funds

Eliminates the hassle of dealing with customers who pay with insufficient funds

Provides confidence in all your paying customers

One P.O.S. Terminal for the ultimate in non-cash sale security


This unbeatable combination is brought you through the resources of the largest bonded and insured check recovery company in the upper Midwest.  As the unique leader in Guaranteed protection, backed by over a decade of results and a rock solid financial position, we now extend benefits to Point of Sale Check Assurance.

Tell me MORE!

Please contact Serv-A-Check for a free consultation on how we can deliver results fast and gain a peace of mind that your funds are safe!

P.O. Box 517

Vermillion, SD 57069

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