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Results You Can Bank On!


Serv-A-Check is a full service return check collection solution. Our M.E.G.S. (Multi Electronic Guarantee System) provides P.O.S. Guarantee
of funds in seconds, utilizing the database of the "National Check Network".

Tailoring a guarantee program to fit your exact business needs is our service responsibility. We work  for you so you don't have to concern yourself about bad check losses. Our professional recovery specialists will turn your debit
slips into bank deposits with remittance every two weeks, for fast
cash turn around.

Serv-A-Check guarantees that our cash conversion service for policy holding merchants, will convert the full value of return checks, from your bank to us,
through our "Assurance Policy," at 100% of the face value of the checks.


  • Guaranteed Check Recovery Benefits

  • Improved Cash Flow

  • Reduced Bad Check Write Offs

  • Lower Bank Charges

  • Bonded and Insured Funds Handling

  • Twenty Year Old Financially Strong Co.

  • Unparalleled Customer Service Response

  • Peace of Mind From the Problem

Results You Can Bank On!

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